Be a glutton for books!!!

This is a new category exclusively for you! Here we will post interesting new books, articles or other kind of readers for you from time to time. This time we have very cool things, you might want to throw an eye on.

All eyes on blogs:

First one is Brad Hargreaves’ “The Event Strategy”. Brad shows different perspectives for companies to build a strong and climactic appearance on events to reach a specific audience.

A very good post about the current discussion if we are in a tech-bubble or something similar published Chris Dixon on his blog the last week. We think it is absolutely worth reading.

On his blog “a smarter bear” Jason Cohen this time discusses the question whether it is better to have many low price-point customers or only few at high price. We think every entrepreneur has to ask the question as well that’s why we want to recommend this article to you to become a part in this interesting discussion.

All eyes on books:

Since we are opening this new category it make sense to reveal a few classics. The first book we want to add to your reading list is Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art of Start”. This is one of the titles, which nowadays is dealt as bible for entrepreneurship. The link leads you to his presentation of the book at TiECon 2006

Dan Senor and Saul Singer wrote a fantastic book about one of the most flourishing start-up scenes in the world. On the 374 pages they bring light into the Start-up nation Israel. We think it is a very good book to read on a sunny Sunday in a park.

The Equal Pay Day in Germany is just a few weeks over but we have a late present for you regarding to this topic. Even if the title of the book seems not so promising at first, you will fast figure out that this is a very entertaining and worthwhile reader. Thumbs up for Sally Helgensen’s and Julie Johnson’s “Die Bessere Hälfte”! Unfortunately this book is only available in German.

Keep being interested! However, if you want to let us know what you favorite books are, feel free to do so in the reply section!

2 thoughts on “Be a glutton for books!!!

  1. Hey! I really like your idea on making up such a recommendation-catagory for books about economy. I would be interested in a book about the increasing importance of new IT in businesses. Can you recommend something ?

    • Hey sabrina,

      we are glad that you like our new section.
      To answer your question, it is very hard to find a book which deals with this discussion in a very focused way because it is such a huge issue.

      But we think it might be interesting for you to take a look into “IT in business – a manager’s casebook” by David Targett, David Grimshaw, and Philip Powell.

      If you are interested in a prognosis how e-commerce will maybe change our way to go shopping I recommend the article “The Future of Shopping to you”. You can find it here:
      It also involves a high amount of influential parts which are related to IT.

      I also asked some people about their most valuable literature in the field of e-commerce and I found an interesting page where they also give literature recommendations for this purpose. Maybe you find some interesting things there, too:ücher/

      I hope this satisfies your wishes. So keep being interested! ;)

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