7-Eleven Japan– Innovations Samurai

Friday evening… International students grill party… Some friends were talking about 7-Eleven shops: “…it is so cool, it works all night…”, “Have you ever tried to print out event tickets there?” I had no experience with 7-eleven stores, so I got very interested in it and next morning I started to make a research. I found many amazing facts and videos about their innovative use of technologies and decided to share it with you.

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Since I already shared some of my own experience, I decided to keep going with that. In my opinion the new topic in my today’s post is important and interesting for many of you.

ImageMost of you of course have already at least once heard the word ERASMUS, but truly told, we know only basic facts about it. Today I will uncover the shield and tell you a lot more about what ERASMUS actually is. And that studying as ERASMUS can combine both having fun and learning.
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Sweating it out

Sweatshops: Poverty is Awesome is a parody intended to provoke thought about the current economic system and our consumption of goods.

In our consumerist culture, consumers, you and I, usually just buy without giving much thought as to where our products come from or how they are made. Have you ever wondered where the shirt you are wearing right now was made? Probably made in China. But, where exactly? A high chance is that the shirts we are all wearing now was made in a Sweatshop by 13 year olds working 14 or more hours a days, earning 41 cents on the hour. How much did you pay for your shirt again? Continue reading

Google+ Hangouts On Air – Your Own Livestream On Youtube!

You always wanted to be famous? You always wanted to have your own TV channel? Now you’ve got the opportunity with Google+ Hangouts On Air! If you have something to say, as a concerned citizen, an encouraging teacher or an economics student, you can now do it on Youtube. The announcement came yesterday via the official Google blog. Continue reading

Bring on a Climate Change in Education (Part II)

This is the second and last part of my feature. Last time I started of by referring to an actual discussion about a revolution in our educational system. This is why I want to go on trying to answer the question “how exactly can we optimize the way of learning?”.

However, in the first part I discussed the new study by Daniel Oppenheimer where his results were that simple things do not support the learning effects of students because it leads to a lower concentration level. Moreover, I mentioned that an essential aspect of learning is the passion or will to learn it.

In this part I refer to a talk Sir Ken Robinson gave in front of the TED community in February 2010. Continue reading

VP GROUP – Lithuanian Retail Kings

In one of the Corporate Finance classes, we had a discussion about cash flows in companies and our professor asked us: “Do you guys know, who the most successful ones are here in Germany?” I had no idea what it could be because I’m still “raw” with the business here but the answer turned out to be “Aldi” brothers, who caught their fortune by opening a discount supermarket chain. Then I got myself thinking: “…Hey! It’s the same as in Lithuania! We have VP GROUP…” and just decided to share this story with you. Continue reading